Celebrating a birthday for a wonderful friend -- with cake for 100

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Celebrating a birthday for a wonderful friend -- with cake for 100

Published Wednesday, December 26, 2012   |  717 Words  |  

Carolyn Trosdal has many friends. She is like a ray of sunshine, and we are all like a passel of cats basking in her light.

Mary Vaux, Patsy Hodge, Ginger Mallett, Nancy Golson, Beth Woods and I had a splendid time arranging for Carolyn's birthday fete. With help from many others, we gathered 100 of her friends and family for an afternoon party at the Trosdal home, Linden Plantation, on the banks of the May River.

The weather was gorgeous, in fact, as Goldilocks said, "It was just right." The Trosdals have a beautiful yard, which was the perfect setting for what we had planned.

Carolyn's sister, Jan Curran, brought a clutch of friends over from Savannah, including Diana Barrow, Claire Ellis, Judy Bradley, who is a part-time Bluffton resident, and Susan Mason, Savannah's most famous caterer who has written a marvelous cookbook filled with wonderful recipes and stories.

Ginger Mallett made a delicious punch that had lime sherbet floating in it. Patsy Hodge brought the birthday cakes and even baked one of her divine pound cakes. Patsy had the task of cutting the cakes, which proved to be a daunting job. Have you ever tried to cut 100 pieces of cake in a ladylike manner? I tried to help her, and we both ended up with icing all over us, which was fine because we got to lick our hands and fingers -- it was so good. Nancy Golson arranged the beautiful flowers, which were a lovely mixture of lilies and greens.

Pressly Hall Giltner, world famous photographer, brought her camera and her adorable chicky, Pearl, and was snapping candid shots of all the merriment. Carolyn hopped on her bicycle and had fun buzzing around everyone while they munched on cake. Einar Trosdal, Carolyn's dear husband, gave a short, touching birthday salute to her, and their daughter, Katherine Rosenblum led us in singing happy birthday.

Some of Carolyn's friends enjoying themselves were Maury and George Moody, Jeanne Lee, Nola and Harry Cotesworth, Mary and Bill Herbkersman, Jessie Hancock, Teddy and Emmett McCracken, Ann and Bill Miller, Joanie Heyward, Ann and Monty Laffitte, Bess and Mike Soper, Loretta Wells, Bill and Nancy Roe, the Vaux girls -- with their ever expanding families -- Hugh Gordon and Martha and Randy Ladermann.

As they always do, the pesky gnats arrived, thinking they were going to have a feast. Those little critters were fooled, though, because the party was winding down -- so all they got was a bit of leftover cake.

As the sun was setting over the beautiful scene, everybody bid adieu to each other and gave a big birthday hug to our dear friend.

Happy Birthday again, Carolyn.

  • I hope we aren't going over the "fiscal cliff" -- whatever that means. Only a few more days to find out. I wonder what children think when they hear this phrase bandied about. Whoever thought it up should have asked to be given a dollar each time someone says it. I bet their pockets would be stuffed with crispy green by now.
  • Welcome to two new businesses on Calhoun Street in Old Town Bluffton. Celia Dunn Realty at 52 Calhoun ST., and Spa Vino at 55 Calhoun St. Both join the eclectic group of shops on our street, and we all wish them much success.
  • * If we made it through Dec. 21 and you are reading this, then hip, hip hooray for all of us. Don't you just hate gloomy predictions hanging over your head? Gee, as if we don't have enough to think about, we get this looming doomsday. Reminds me of homework and term papers when I was in school. Yikes!

    * I am going to stick my feet in the May River on Jan. 1. I am not brave enough to take the plunge, so this chick is going to be fully clothed except for shoes to greet 2013. I haven't thought of any New Year's resolutions because I can never remember what they were. So with that I will wish everyone a fabulous, happy New Year and 365 days of happiness and blessings.