Troubled, violent nation needs God all the more

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Troubled, violent nation needs God all the more

Published Sunday, December 23, 2012   |  262 Words  |  

The Connecticut horror is the latest to shock and stun us. Will it change us? Could Columbine? The Virginia Tech massacre? Fort Hood? Or the long train of "armed man fires on innocent victims" mass shootings in recent history? If Sept. 11, 2001, couldn't reach deeply enough into the American psyche to awaken us, what could?

The usual suspects run to predictable quick fixes with two big problems: They are not solutions for the real causes, and they keep shallow politicians in office. And the trouble with keeping shallow politicians in office is that we never get to solutions that could work. So why do we keep shallow politicians in office? Because it is so easy. However, easy does not mean good, and there is a grave problem with superficial thinking and voting: They bode very poorly for the future of this country.

There is a culture of violence deep in the American soul. Depriving law-abiding people of guns will not heal troubled hearts, nor will more brutal and bloody video games, less human compassion, public financing of casual "safe sex," less committed love, more broken marriages and families, fewer responsible fathers, legal drugs, illegal school prayer or self-made morality. More insanity will only make us more crazy.

The fundamental inhumanity of legal abortion remains a cancer at our foundations, contradicting our most fundamental right to life, contradicting respect for all life and all human dignity. We need God. When God can return, healing will begin.

Thomas Richard

Lady's Island