Davis cites as fact what are his opinions

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Davis cites as fact what are his opinions

Published Saturday, December 22, 2012   |  263 Words  |  

State Sen. Tom Davis' Dec. 14 column on Act 388 should be read closely.

He repeatedly presents his opinions as facts. He refers to "over-taxed homeowners." That is his opinion, not fact. I might think that homeowners are not over-taxed. Davis uses this strategy throughout his piece. Another example: He states, "... two facts must be kept in mind: First, state government takes far too much money out of the pockets of South Carolinians." Again, this is his opinion, not fact.

Given that South Carolina ranks near the bottom in many qualitative measures (public education, repair of roads, etc.), I might argue you get what you pay for, and the state has insufficient funds to provide basic services at a reasonable level.

More frightening is his apparent lack of understanding of some basic economic principles. He states, by inference, that state spending does not put money in the economy, but private spending does. That is nonsense. When the state spends money, that money goes into the economy to pay salaries, purchase goods, pay for services, etc. It is the same as when I spend money. What can be argued is that the state does not always spend its money efficiently or wisely.

My point is that one must read pieces written by politicians very carefully. Just because the writer is a state senator does not mean that what he states as facts are really facts. In this case many are not; they are Davis' opinions.

Dwight Wolf

Hilton Head Island