Editorial misses mark on residency issues

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Editorial misses mark on residency issues

Published Thursday, December 6, 2012   |  239 Words  |  

The Island Packet should have checked with an attorney or read the transcript from the hearing before the Beaufort County Board of Elections and Registration before publishing its Nov. 30 editorial. Sorting out residency is not difficult if you know the law.

Because a kindergartener does not know the law does not excuse editors.

I would appreciate your refraining from making questionable accusations that cause misleading conclusions.

  • I did not file with a post office box address, but my opponent, Dan Duryea, did.
  • I am not required by law to notify election officials of any change of address.
  • I did notify election officials of my change of address between the time I filed and the election.
  • I did change my information on my campaign disclosure form when my address changed.
  • Duryea's attorney should have informed him about the election laws, and he should have asked elections officials about my qualifications. They would have given him factual information.
  • I know state election laws from serving on the state Election Commission.
  • I categorically met every qualification under state election residency laws.
  • The law gives great weight to a person's "intentions" as to residency.
  • There is not one issue of my candidacy that is comparable to state Sen. Clementa Pinckney's.
  • Cynthia Bensch