Obama has no intention of tackling nation's debt

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Obama has no intention of tackling nation's debt

Published Thursday, December 6, 2012   |  195 Words  |  

Congress is considering how to deal with America's financial crisis in 2013.

President Barack Obama is taking his "victory lap" around the country. His first White House meeting was with union leaders.

Obama does not want a solution to the financial crisis. He will do nothing to move toward resolving the problem. He wants another year without an approved budget. Thus far, we have had four. He favors continuing resolutions to keep the government operating. Continuing resolutions place no guidance on spending. The pattern of complete socialism for America is clear: As he states it, "a level playing field," in which all wealth is shared.

Don't look for a dramatic presidential solution. His answer is larger government investing in "whatever." His use of the word "investment" is synonymous with spending. Continuing resolutions appear to be Obama's answer to those looking for hard-nosed budgeting.

I submit the president will play his cards so you think he is making cuts and is reducing the size of government. It is all a charade -- all talk and no substance.

John McGavack Jr.

Hilton Head Island