Why call for more study on Sea Pines dredging?

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Why call for more study on Sea Pines dredging?

Published Wednesday, December 5, 2012   |  142 Words  |  

The level of incompetence on the issue of dredging Sea Pines marinas and waterways is deeper than the waters being discussed.

The "experts" hired can't agree on anything, but have been paid, some with taxpayer dollars.

The real eye-opener is that the state Department of Natural Resources (solely financed by taxpayers) has asked the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (solely financed by taxpayers) to hire an independent expert to review what has already been done. A real stimulus package.

It might be wise to ask some local fishermen about the best way to handle this matter. However, that should be done after everyone involved so far is fired. The situation is an outstanding example of what results from too much government intervention.

George Carmody

Hilton Head Island