Flyover makes no sense no matter the price tag

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Flyover makes no sense no matter the price tag

Published Wednesday, December 5, 2012   |  138 Words  |  

When are our elected representatives going to realize that the flyover project makes absolutely no sense?

Beaufort County, Bluffton and Hilton Head Island representatives have their blinders on. Six lanes will come into two lanes at the bridges to Hilton Head. Lee Edwards is the only representative with the personal fortitude to come out against it. Not only does it create a perfect congestion area, but it also destroys the ambiance of the arrival to Hilton Head. That doesn't take into account the pollution from a traffic jam. Now the price is $45 million. For what? No amount of design, color, graphics will enhance the overpass; an overpass is an overpass no matter how you dress it up. There are much better uses for $45 million.

George Doig

Windmill Harbour