Airport tree-cutting only to satisfy a few

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Airport tree-cutting only to satisfy a few

Published Wednesday, December 5, 2012   |  240 Words  |  

There is no real need to cut those 2,400 trees on the south side of the Hilton Head Island Airport.

The "need" only comes from a few executive jets wanting to take off with a full fuel load. Edward Tiscornia of Palmetto Hall has made it clear that commuter airlines are switching to (shorter runway) turboprop planes, which offer better fuel economy.

Take a good, hard look at all the trees with white bands around them in the wide vicinity of the BP gas station at the intersection of William Hilton Parkway and Mathews Drive. (Note: "arborists," "trimming" -- ha.) A topped pine tree becomes a telephone pole. And consider the ugly clear-cut devastation already accomplished at the north end of the airport runway.

How about the decreased safety factor for the folks under the proposed lower glide path? Take a good hard look at an executive jet as it passes over that BP gas station. Standing on the gas station's roof, you can almost reach up and touch its wheels. Those trees barely provide a very slim margin of safety for the hundreds of families who live in the developments of Woodlake and Heron Lake just across the street -- or the hundreds of folks who daily shop and dine in the adjacent Pineland Station and Sam's Club shopping center complexes.

David DesJardins

Hilton Head Island