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Published Monday, December 3, 2012   |  498 Words  |  

George is 52 and a single father of a teenage son.

Last year, his son needed new eyeglasses. The Lions Club would pay for part of the cost, but George didn't have enough to cover the rest.

The Deep Well Project agreed to help him and called a local vision center. During the call, Deep Well learned that George had obtained glasses from the same center years ago for himself, but he had not been able to afford a new pair.

Deep Well paid for glasses for both father and son.

Deep Well provides a broad range of social services for poor working families, the disabled, the sick and the elderly.

In honor of Boys, Arnold clients, employees and friends: $1,500

Raymond and Margaret Behrmann: $350

Anonymous donor from a fund within the Community Foundation of the Lowcountry: $1,000

Carolyn Day: $2,000

Lane Ehmke: $250

Karl and Elaine Engelman: $250

Simon Fraser: $500

William and Helen Heberton: $400

Island Getaway Ltd.: $7,500

Eugene Langenhan: $100

Bedros Markarian: $250

Richard and Carol O'Neil: $500

Scott Richardson: $250

Richard P. Sharon and Suzanne Whalen: $250

Ellis and Donna Shookman: $250

Margaret Smith: $500

Thomas and Ellen Steele: $500

Raymond and Doris Stickel: $500

Scott Sunstrom: $10

Philip and Rachel Thornton: $250

William Tye: $2,000

Thomas and Julia Whelan: $500

Jeannette Adams: $100

Michael and Eleanor Agresta: $200

Camille and James Avore: $150

Barbara Baumgardner: $100

Mary Anne Borja: $100

John and Carol Rae Brock: $10

Larry and Constance Budge: $100

Richard and Linda Clapp: $50

Virginia Constantino: $50

Gordon Crowell: $200

William and Nanette Denton: $100

Joseph and Sharon Dichiara: $50

Eva and James Dion: $150

Patricia Eden: $200

Eugene and Blanche Ewing: $175

Axel and Christine Graf: $50

Gene and Susan Grubb: $100

Helen and William Hamilton: $150

Nancy Nelson and Susan Hearon: $100

Michael and Constan Hellman: $200

Ronda Carpenter and James Hooven: $50

Paul and Patricia Hummel: $200

Howard and Grethe Izer: $100

Don and Nancy Kennedy: $100

Donald and Eleanor McCandless: $150

Vivian Miller: $200

Joe Orren: $50

Felicia and Erica Pascal: $100

Mary Jane Patterson: $100

Guido and Maria Petruzzi: $200

Benjamin Racusin: $100

David and Deborah Risk: $40

Michael and Phyllis Roetnor: $100

Robert and Donna Rombauer: $100

Noah Rosenstein: $25

Bernard and Loretta Russ: $100

Delores and Claude Sargent: $25

Hendrik and Maria Smit: $100

Barbara Snow: $200

Aurel and Mary Jane Stuart: $100

Wesley and Marilyn Taylor: $150

Janeth Thompson and Aubrey Vaughan: $100

Jack and Linda Volkhardt: $100

Carol Wilson: $100

Total: $24,535