Compromise requires give and take all around

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Compromise requires give and take all around

Published Saturday, December 1, 2012   |  176 Words  |  

Horrors. A frequent letter writer is at it again.

In his well-intended letter rightfully decrying the stasis in the federal government, he parrots the ridiculous mantra of the far right-wing politicians and media pundits who claim the solution to be: "Now is the time for them (i.e. Democrats) to compromise with Republicans, not the other way around."

Obviously, the writer has a visual defect -- uni-ocular vision. He needs to get his eyesight checked. He also needs a fact-check of his English usage.

Webster's Unabridged International Dictionary defines compromise as
"... a settlement by arbitration or consent reached by mutual concessions: a reciprocal abatement of extreme demands resulting in an agreement."

It takes two to tango.

We all, irrespective of political persuasion, could profit from the reincarnation of that notable American colonial patriot and intellect, Noah Webster, who during his lifetime espoused these political principles, now immortalized in his tome.

Karl Engelman

Hilton Head Island