Walmart should treat its employees better

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Walmart should treat its employees better

Published Wednesday, November 28, 2012   |  262 Words  |  

I delivered a letter to the local Walmart in support of the national campaign by Walmart employees for their rights and their dignity.

Without these employees, Walmart stores and warehouses would not be profitable. No company should be squeezing profits on the backs of its employees.

Walmart employees report unpredictable and too few hours. Estimated average wage is $8.81 per hour. Employees should be treated with respect and paid a living wage so that they can support their families, and they should have decent and healthy working conditions, such as regular work hours, so that they can take care of their families.

Working people should not have to rely on public assistance to take care of their families just to survive. Something is wrong when more than 40 percent of employees need to be on public assistance of some kind. Walmart thus puts the burden on the taxpayer for its failure to pay a living wage. Such practices are extremely shortsighted. The company would do so much better if the employees made a living wage.

Until Walmart meet these expectations, I have to decline to shop there, and I also will not hold stock in the company. As a customer, I would be more than willing to pay the slightly higher prices that might be required for better wages and working conditions.

I and others on Hilton Head are concerned and will be watching the response of the company to employees' legitimate demands.

Mary Sullivan

Hilton Head Island