Tradition, residents hurt if marsh tacky race goes

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Tradition, residents hurt if marsh tacky race goes

Published Wednesday, November 28, 2012   |  241 Words  |  

What a disappointment to read that the marsh tacky race on Hilton Head Island had been canceled.

I went to my first race last year, and it was fabulous. The event is a wonderful opportunity to bring our community together in the sun and on the beautiful beach that makes Hilton Head such a paradise for us islanders. The racing of the marsh tackies gives us a great sense of Lowcountry tradition.

The newspaper story included talk about concerns of safety. It is similar to removing jungle gyms and merry-go-rounds from school playgrounds. You can attend one of our many festivals and have a chance of eating or drinking something that makes you sick. What are the chances of this becoming a dangerous activity here?

Tradition on this beautiful and small island is important to those of us who live, go to school, work and make this place our home. We are more than a resort or retirement community. There is rich history and culture here. The marsh tacky race is an important piece of our island tradition and life.

I was looking forward to creating my own hat for the race this year and now I'm disappointed I won't be able to. Please bring back Lowcountry and Hilton Head Island tradition. This is part of the fabric of this small community.

Phyllis Neville

Hilton Head Island