Subject expertise bows to 'education' courses

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Subject expertise bows to 'education' courses

Published Sunday, November 25, 2012   |  155 Words  |  

Unfortunately our future teachers are required to take many courses on "how to teach." These education courses often repeat material covered in a previous education course.

I recommend that the number be reduced so that courses in the curriculum that will be taught can be added. Further, many principals reserve positions in history, civics, etc., for coaches, whose main interest lies on the playing field rather than in the classroom. Unfortunately, due to spending many hours in the athletic sphere, preparation time is limited, and with the academic area already in a subordinate area, adequate coverage is limited.

Perhaps we should emulate the elite private schools, where many of the teachers have not been exposed to "education" courses. Rather they have taken more courses in their teaching area and thus are very knowledgeable in that area.

John R. Davenport

Sun City Hilton Head