Military cuts will affect someone's economy

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Military cuts will affect someone's economy

Published Monday, November 26, 2012   |  277 Words  |  

Your Nov. 16 editorial states that "military installations will always have to stand on their own merits."

In the past 20-plus years of watching the battle over which military installations stay and which ones go, it has been my experience that some of the most viscous and biased rhetoric on any federal budget subject is on military program funding cuts and installation closings.

I spend the majority of my time in Michigan and have most recently watched the battle over the cutbacks at the Selfridge Air National Guard base in Macomb County. After reading the articles in the Michigan local newspapers and listening to the local television and radio news outlets, one would think that the U.S. would be virtually unprotected from foreign invasion if this base were closed.

In reading your editorial, it would appear that South Carolina, and particularly Beaufort County, would be economically irreparably harmed if a single dollar was cut out of the state's $16 billion defense industry. I submit to you that this country cannot go on with the federal government borrowing 40 cents of every dollar it spends even if those dollars benefit the citizens of South Carolina or Michigan.

Eventually the entire country may -- and remember that there will not be a European Union to save us as with Greece -- face far greater hardship than a military budget reduction.

Whoops, I almost forgot that Europe, and therefore the European Union, has just recently slipped back into recession. The EU may not be able to save Greece after all.

Jim Foreman

Sun City Hilton Head