Recreation Results, Nov. 21

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Recreation Results, Nov. 21

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Bear Creek

Results of Men's tournament held Nov. 17; Format: Better Ball A and B=C and D; 1. Dr. Walt Fingar, Bob Smith, John Way, Larry Betnley; 2. Gerhard Gartner, Bill Stoops, Michael Nairne, Richard DeKany; 3. Russ Whiteford, Hugh Murphy, Chandler Russell, J.C. Fisher; 4. Barney Lewis, Paul Hummel, Bill O'Neill, Gene Kay; 5. Paul Lang, Hart Joseph, Dave Prol, Bob Horstmyer; Closest to the Pin -- Dr. Walt Finger, Paul Hummel.

Dolphin Head

Results of Men's tournament held Nov. 16; Format: 1 better ball of 3; 1. Frank Bennett, Gene Passmore, Lamar Finch.

Moss Creek

Results of tournament held Nov. 16; Format: Better Ball of Partners; Flight 1 -- 1. Rich Sandquist and Tom Carroll; Flight 2 -- 1. Rich Sandquist and Art Schultheiss; Flight 3 -- 1. Don Ferguson and Scott Ferguson; Closest to the Pin -- Pete Smith, Gerard Gardner.

Results of tournament held Nov. 18; Format: 2 of 4 Shambles/Stableford; Overall Gross: Pixie and Roger Scheer/Ginny and Dave Quattropani; Overall Net Champions/Long Cove Club: Judy and Ted Patnaude/Camela and Paul Juenger; Flight 1 -- 1st net: Stan Potter, Bill Ritchie, Larry Block, Mike Deignan; Second Net: Marilyn and Buzz Althans, John Jourdan, Shirley Poates; Third Net: Rick Bates, Rob Pearson, Sondar and Paul Ammeen; Flight 2 -- 1st net: Kathi and Jack Layton/Randi and George Jones; 2nd net: Dori and George Barnes/Karen and Mike Wirtzberger; Third net: Judy and Herb Sawyer/Linda and Chuck Eberly; Flight 3 -- 1st net: Joanne and Russ Reynolds/Patsy and Don Reynolds; 2nd net: Elaine and Mike Himes/Andi and Norm Argast; Third net: Pat and Jerry Coghlan/Paul Schulz/Sandy Kaminski; Flight 4 -- 1st net: Carole and Paul Griffith/Barry Burgoyne/Shirley Boppe; 2nd net: Nina and Tom Sloanker/Cary and Peter Fleming; 3rd net: Joyce Wahlrab/Carole Johnson/Mary Jane Reeves/Debbie Dunlap; Closest to the Pin -- Bill Weagly, Skip Leonhardt.

Rose Hill

Results of tournament held Nov. 17; Format: Individual Stableford; Flight 1 -- 1. Dave Bullett, 2. Tod Powers, 3. Ernie Hannin, 4. George Kelly; Flight 2 -- 1. Paul Dofton, 2. Bill Smith, 3. Mike Kirkland, 4. Mike Burnce; Low Net -- Paul Dofton.

Sea Pines Country Club

Results of tournament held Nov. 14-15; Format: Member-Member; Overall Champion: Dick Boyce, Gordon Hassingl Flight 1 -- Mike Pope, Phil Maffei; Flight 2 - Helm Wilden, Peter Pichetti; Flight 3 -- Jay Elliot, George Blankenship; Flight 4 -- Glyn John, Trace Hartman.

Spanish Wells

Results of Men's day held Nov. 16; Format: Team Stableford; 1. Bill O'Day and John Pagluica; 2. Ken Crovo and Joe Steiner; Skins -- Bud Arnal, Harry Jewett, Bill O'Day, John Pagluica, Joe Steiner.