Innocent victims' blood on Palestinian hands

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Innocent victims' blood on Palestinian hands

Published Wednesday, November 21, 2012   |  282 Words  |  

Once more, The Island Packet, along with the other media, played into the Hamas militants' game.

Monday's headline regarding the missile strikes by Israel was one-sided and unfair in its content. ("Israeli missile strike kills at least 11 in Gaza")

It is tragic that innocents are killed, but it is Hamas that purposely puts its people in harm's way.

Why would any civilized country put its rockets and other military hardware in the homes of their people? Why don't you tell your readers that one room in many of these "innocent" civilians' homes is dedicated to a missile or rockets, and their roofs open up to fire these weapons.

There is an old expression: "When you play with fire, you can get burned." And that is exactly what is happening to these folks. Hamas terrorists are cowards who hide behind women and children. These cowards use hospitals, schools and mosques to fire and store their weapons. Israel does its best to avoid civilian casualties, something that cannot be said about these terrorists.

These are the same people who will strap an explosive vest on a child and kill him and others without a shred of remorse about the innocents they kill.

Israel did not start this fighting. They have every right to destroy a sworn enemy who wants to destroy them. Perhaps someday the Palestinians will realize Israel is there to stay and Israelis are never going to surrender their God-given homeland to the Palestinians. Then they will decide that peace is a better road than hatred and self-destruction.

Les Nagel

Sun City Hilton Head