Why expect change in next Obama term?

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Why expect change in next Obama term?

Published Wednesday, November 21, 2012   |  274 Words  |  

In response to a Nov. 14 letter: Yes, President Barack Obama won re-election, and elections have consequences. Obama won by a 3 percent margin. Our country is divided; 59,142,004 Americans did not vote for Obama.

First, "Americans voted ... to get things done." If the president was unable in his first four years to fix our economy and create jobs, why are you so sure he will do so in the next four years?

Second, do you truly believe that increasing revenue from the wealthy will help our debt crisis? And what do you consider "reasonable cuts in spending"?

Third, you say that many millions of Americans will now have some health care coverage. How will this extended coverage affect our country when we are already heading for a fiscal cliff? Do you realy believe that more means better?

Fourth, do you really believe Medicare will be there for your children and grandchildren when all indications are Medicare is heading for insolvency?

Fifth, do you really believe that another administration would have shut down all pharmacies from selling contraceptives? I'm a senior citizen, and I've had control of my body for decades under changing administrations. Do you really want to infringe on the religious beliefs of millions?

Sixth, has Obama, in four years, done anything about comprehensive immigration reform?

Seventh, how do you propose to "change the climate"?

As for greater bipartisanship, remember it was Obama, behind closed doors with no Republicans allowed, who drafted Obamacare, which won by one vote.

Liz Furey