How lovely to spot a right whale ... but keep your distance

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How lovely to spot a right whale ... but keep your distance

Published Tuesday, November 20, 2012   |  542 Words  |  

This is the time of year when miracles happen.

One such miracle is the return of the endangered right whales off of our coastal waters. Calving season began in mid-November and will last until March. Last year there were only six calves spotted.

Conservationists are worried because for the past two seasons there have been fewer births than normal. There are about 400 North Atlantic right whales in existence. They grow up to be about 55-feet long and can weigh 70 tons. Right whales spend their summers in the Bay of Fundy off the coast of Nova Scotia. There were not many whales seen feeding this summer so it is thought there may be a food shortage, which leads to fewer calves.

Daily flights have begun over the coast watching for the whales and checking on their calves. Female right whales only give birth once every three years.

Speed limits for boats and commercial ships in these waters are strictly monitored so as to avoid a collision with these magnificent animals.

I think seeing one of these endangered creatures would be amazing. So if you are out boating or fishing in the ocean keep your eyes peeled.

You might see a miracle for sure.

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