Thanks from American Legion Post 205 to helpful motorists

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Thanks from American Legion Post 205 to helpful motorists

Published Monday, November 19, 2012   |  245 Words  |  

This letter is to thank the several unknown motorists who saved our special day.

Members of American Legion Post 205 were driving on their way to Beaufort for the Veterans Day Parade. As our car approached the light at S.C. 170 near Lowes the vehicle in front of us stopped suddenly, and our car, which was hauling a 21-foot boat, aka our float, snapped the hold-down strap, and the boat slipped off its trailer and onto the road.

The Beaufort Police arrived in minutes to direct traffic. Our group of Legionaires, numbering 10, with an average of more than 70 years of age, could not possibly lift the boat back on to the trailer. To our amazement, three to four young strangers lifted the boat from the ground back on to the trailer and then they were gone. With the security of a new hold-down strap, we actually made the parade on time.

American Legion Post 205 wishes to thank those strangers for taking the time to stop and help, as well as the Beaufort Police for their very quick response. Without their assistance we would not have been able to be a participant in the Veterans Day Parade.

God bless America and these Good Samaritans.

Art Ranta,
public relations
American Legion Post 205