MSNBC, Fox News must put power to better use

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MSNBC, Fox News must put power to better use

Published Sunday, November 18, 2012   |  192 Words  |  

During the past two years, I watched both MSNBC and Fox News. I listened to the polarizing verbiage from both news channels.

I can't help but think this broadcast approach has helped to deeply polarize this country. If you listen long enough, you could easily be brainwashed for one side or the other.

Many of my friends, toward the end of the election, had enough of both. They turned them off.

I'd like to see these channels use their power of persuasion to pressure our returning president and Congress to come to the table for compromise. We need to address the needs of the country. Partisan politics must be put to the side.

Both should use their influence and the power of their medium to do something for the country. They should put aside political polarization and demand action from our leaders. Both channels may gain more attention -- and more viewers -- if they do just that. They can make their money and do something for the country instead of encouraging division.

Will Fuller