Tales of country's demise are grossly exaggerated

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Tales of country's demise are grossly exaggerated

Published Sunday, November 18, 2012   |  255 Words  |  

Please, please, what's with all the negativity. Recent letters abound predicting the demise of American life as we know it. Morality is in tatters, individual responsibility eroded and our national psyche has evolved into "gimme, gimme."

Come on, buck up. Pundits who have bet against this country haven't made a fortune; a realistic look at our history tells tales of far greater national stress and moral failings, which included the bloodiest conflict ever on our own soil. We've never been "angels," but we're a long way from the dark side. What do we have going for us? What makes us special?

Implicit in the very marrow of our democracy is our formalized system of checks and balances. Or to put it in layman's terms, we don't always trust one another. We don't need to totally rely on fallible men and women; we have a system with three branches that can correct course at any time. This, along with frequent elections, ensures what Winston Churchill observed -- that we eventually get it right. All this was the genius of the Founding Fathers, who were prescient.

We also have another resource, our youth. We had the honor of hosting two midshipmen who performed with the U.S. Naval Academy Men's Glee Club at the Parish Church of St. Helena's on Veterans Day. More respectful, intelligent and amiable young men one couldn't imagine.

So buck up. We're in good hands.

George Johnston

Dataw Island