Fish camp happenings worth serious study

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Fish camp happenings worth serious study

Published Monday, November 19, 2012   |  150 Words  |  

More gunfire at Simmons Fish Camp on Hilton Head Island?

Instead of revoking its business license, the town should consider partnering with the Smithsonian Institution on a living history project.

There were hundreds of juke joints before the Lowcountry got civilized, 17 on Hilton Head alone. "Juke" is a West African word, and a literal translation will not be printed here. But if you watch dirty dancing around the juke box, you'll figure it out quickly.

But they cut each other up back then, no noise to bother the neighbors, except the women screaming. My daddy was county coroner for 36 years, and I saw it all.

The contemplated participants in this project would have to fire blanks for the tourists, of course. But maybe the smell of gunsmoke might give them some satisfaction.

Roger Pinckney

Daufuskie Island