Dissent on principles doesn't constitute racism

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Dissent on principles doesn't constitute racism

Published Monday, November 19, 2012   |  206 Words  |  

I regularly read the columns written by Leonard Pitts Jr. to keep tabs on far-left thinking. He didn't let me down in his column published Nov. 12 in The Island Packet.

In his demeaning diatribe against GOP (conservative) thinking, he ignores the fact that the "people's House" is still strongly controlled by Republicans. This fact sends the message that the people want governance by the Constitution rather than by executive diktat. He refers to the GOP's unrelenting and deeply personal disrespect toward the nation's first African-American president. However, dissent does not constitute racism. How quickly he forgets our overwhelming rejection of a white Southerner by the name of Jimmy Carter because of a particularly poor performance in office.

Then he touches on immigration policy and how the GOP is, in his mind, so anti-Latino. No, he is wrong. We are supposed to be a nation of laws so as to remain fair to all people. Without laws, we shall have chaos. We welcome immigrants, as we always have; we simply want them to enter our country legally.

It's time for a little introspection on the part of Pitts.

Jim Benford

Hilton Head Island