Figuring out votes for Obama not so hard

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Figuring out votes for Obama not so hard

Published Saturday, November 17, 2012   |  257 Words  |  

This will be my last letter for a long time. The election is over, the people have spoken and rehired President Barack Obama for four more years.

Here was a man, who in 2008 was a junior senator from Illinois, who had offered no signature legislation as a senator in his home state or in the U.S. Senate. A man who had never earned a dollar working for a profit-making organization but decided to run for president.

But I did learn a great deal about demographics during this election. I learned that Democrats don't have to do anything to get the black vote. They have nowhere else to go. Black unemployment is 23 percent, even higher with black youths, and median household income fell by $4,000 during Obama's first term.

The Latino vote can be had with a mere statement: "I'll work on comprehensive immigration during my second term."

Young women can be bought for the mere price of $10 a month for free contraceptives, which someone else will have to pay for.

Most big cities are run by Democrats, who have given away the store to public unions, so that is another big chunk of the electorate.

We shall see if we can survive another four years of mounting debt, high unemployment, Obamacare and ever higher taxes.

I am sure we will for we are a resilient nation of people. God bless America.

Robert Schmidt

Sun City Hilton Head