Veterans Day degraded by political vandalism

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Veterans Day degraded by political vandalism

Published Saturday, November 17, 2012   |  151 Words  |  

On Monday, I accompanied my husband, a military retiree, to Veterans Memorial Park at Shelter Cove to attend the very moving Veterans Day ceremony to honor all those who served; men, women, Republicans, Democrats.

Service to our country is not limited to any particular group, and it is right and fitting that our community acknowledge that service.

During lunch at a local restaurant following the ceremony someone defaced an Obama sticker and the bumper of my car. The individual might have observed a Department of Defense decal from Parris Island, which identifies my car as being connected to someone in the military.

This incident saddens me. How can an election make someone so angry on such a respected day? I wonder how proud this individual is of how he honored Veterans Day.

Loretta Warden

Hilton Head Island