Fares from Hilton Head not good for business

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Fares from Hilton Head not good for business

Published Saturday, November 17, 2012   |  197 Words  |  

Recently, I had to fly to Chicago for a few days. I checked the air fare with US Airways from Hilton Head Island. It was shockingly high at $754. One can fly to Europe and back for about the same fare.

Even more shocking were the comparative air fares with the same airline from Charleston and Jacksonville, Fla.: From Charleston, $395; from Jacksonville, $421.

The differences in these fares cannot be justified on distances, number of stops (all had one stop) or any other reason. Is US Airways socking it to us because of its monopolistic position?

Our mayor's efforts to promote Hilton Head as a tourist destination are not being helped by these exorbitant air fares. As a CFO, I know where I am not likely to hold my next business meeting. It does not encourage people who do not want to drive to come here. I know some friends who would rather fly to Florida than come to Hilton Head because of the prohibitive cost of flying.

I flew to Chicago from Jacksonville with Airtran for $324 round-trip.

Kris Bhasin

Hilton Head Island