Elections always bring calls of gloom and doom

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Elections always bring calls of gloom and doom

Published Friday, November 16, 2012   |  200 Words  |  

Every four years, we suffer through the "we lost and we are whining and all we see for the future is doom and gloom" period following the presidential election.

When they lose, Democrats fear our entering another war, and Republicans fear tax increases and an expanded federal government. But both relish the opportunity to show their creativity in fabricating reasons they came up short and predicting disastrous times ahead.

In reading recent letters to the editor, not only are we again seeing the prediction that our democratic republic is on the verge of collapse, becoming a socialist state, but one writer also had the audacity to claim that we can blame the "greatest generation" for the ills of today's society. Think about that. The letter was published a few days before Veterans Day in a newspaper serving a community that overwhelming supports and depends on our military, and the writer has the gall to blame World War II veterans.

However, there is one thing that the election results indisputably tell us. Republicans now know how Democrats felt after George W. Bush was re-elected.

Buddy Clark