Sensible Republicans will resist call to arms

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Sensible Republicans will resist call to arms

Published Thursday, November 15, 2012   |  273 Words  |  

Ed Feulner, president of the ultra-conservative Heritage Foundation, bemoans in a recent column President Barack Obama's victory and calls upon conservatives to continue the "crucial battle for the soul of America."

Feulner complains about Obama spending trillions, forgetting that President George W. Bush got us into an unnecessary war and a major recession. He accuses Obama of intending to transform America with a "Euro-socialist agenda." He doesn't tell us what that agenda is. Presumably, he knows that European countries almost universally embrace the freedoms we hold dear. What then should concern us? How Great Britain manages to supply decent medical care to all? Or that Scandinavian countries assure a college education to all youngsters?

Decades ago, we worried about Communists taking over our country. Now we are to worry about Europhiles influencing our thinking. Fuilner sees a threat to our Constitution and our freedom. With a Republican House and a very independent Supreme Court, it is difficult to discern any such threat.

What is Feulner's answer to our problems? "Reform Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security." He doesn't say how, except to stress that there is to be no tax increase.

I am confident that not all Republicans will heed his battle cry. At least some Republican lawmakers understand that the GOP must move with the time, recognize changing demographics, the rights of women and the duty to care for the poor. Otherwise, our valued two-party system will vanish, and the Republican Party will shrink into a party of angry old men.

Felix H. Kent

Hilton Head Island