A Veterans Day poem

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A Veterans Day poem

Published Wednesday, November 14, 2012   |  401 Words  |  

Thanks to Deonne Parker of Moss Creek for sharing a poem for Veterans Day.

It is about the Beaufort National Cemetery.

"My father, a Navy veteran of World War II, is buried there, as well as a cousin, two uncles and an aunt," she said.

"My father was a hospital corpsman stationed at Parris Island when he met my mother, who lived in Beaufort," she said.

He later retired to Hilton Head Island.

"Buried With Honor"

National Cemetery, Beaufort, S.C.

By Deonne Parker

A hero lies under each marble symbol.

Soldiers here made their enemies tremble.

Army infantry and medical corps

Faced death from explosions and weapons of gore.

Some were marines, trained for the worst of war,

Plunged into combat when they waded ashore.

Some were sailors, who did battle at sea.

There were flyers, who fought to keep our land free.

Some brave warriors came home; others did not.

They all gave their nation more than they got.

The headstones tell us of their sacrifice

To rid the world of tyranny's vice.

This is a quiet place, where warriors rest,

And we can visit those who gave their best.

In this solemn place, they have final repose.

This earth holds their stories in headstone rows.

Some wore a uniform only in peace.

But their vigil for country did not cease

When the certainty of war subsided

And armies abroad no longer collided.

Each live oak draped with gray moss oversees

The sadness of mourners beneath the trees.

They come in soulful grief held deep inside

To say goodbye and weep tears they do not hide.

Those who are left behind stand by a grave,

A lonely place that holds bones of the brave.

They are laid to rest, the ones we hold dear,

In the solitude of a sacred bier.

They served their country, the women and men,

And are buried with honor at the end.