Free credit freeze another good option

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Free credit freeze another good option

Published Wednesday, November 14, 2012   |  157 Words  |  

Over the past two weeks, we have read about the serious cyberattack and data breach within the South Carolina Department of Revenue.

The state is providing a free service for residents, which will monitor their credit files for unauthorized activity. How many residents are aware of a free service provided by all three credit bureaus that will freeze your credit files against any access unless you specifically unfreeze your account for a specific date range or company?

This service prevents any access to your credit file, thereby protecting you against any new loans, credit cards, etc., being opened in your name.

All you have to do is to go to each credit bureau's website and select "credit freeze" and then follow the directions. It only takes a few minutes to protect yourself against unauthorized access to your credit files.

Steven Fells

Callawassie Island