New term for Obama should reset priorities

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New term for Obama should reset priorities

Published Wednesday, November 14, 2012   |  261 Words  |  

The operative clichè of the week is that "elections have consequences."

Now that President Barack Obama has won re-election, whether some believe he has a mandate or not, the majority of Americans voted for him, and he won.

Further, it appears obvious that America voted for the government to get things done. (Does the term "fiscal cliff" ring a bell?) Accordingly, certain things are more likely to happen:

First, we must have a balanced approach to increasing jobs and improving our economy, while caring for those in need.

Second, revenues need to be increased from the wealthy as a part of the overall budget plan, as well as reasonable cuts in spending.

Third, many more millions of Americans will have some health care coverage in the next few years.

Fourth, Medicare will be retained much as we Lowcountry retirees enjoy it now. It won't be "voucherized" for our children and grandchildren.

Fifth, women will continue to have more to say about their own bodies and their contraceptive needs than under a different administration.

Sixth, comprehensive immigration reform will be a high priority, rather than "self-deportation."'

And seventh, maybe we can rationally begin talking about the real effects of climate change on our planet.

If we can achieve greater bipartisanship and less obstructionism and hatred, we might finally move successfully forward as a nation. We can only hope.

George Kanuck