Time to look at world through youthful eyes

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Time to look at world through youthful eyes

Published Wednesday, November 14, 2012   |  230 Words  |  

It is time to put aside your disappointment and start soul-searching. Your world is gone. Have you ever thought that stagnation and nostalgia do not make society go forward? Have you ever thought that the future does not belong to older men and women, but to the new generation? The young ones have to carry on and create the world they choose to live in. They have a view of the world different from yours, and you have no way to fight progress.

Once upon a time, this country had slaves, and then slavery was gone. Once upon a time, women could not vote, and now they are in the House and the Senate. Once upon a time, African-Americans couldn't go to school with white children, and now some of them graduate from exclusive schools, such as Harvard. Once upon a time, homosexuals and lesbians had to live in the shadows, and now they are out in the open and seeking equal rights.

It's the world of twitter, iPads, Facebook, iPhones, Droids and texting; it's the world of your grandchildren and mine. They do not care what their friends look like; they only see other human being. So try to look at this new world with the eyes of your grandchildren and evolve with them.

Marisa Sherard