America punishes itself with second Obama term

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America punishes itself with second Obama term

Published Wednesday, November 14, 2012   |  154 Words  |  

Well, the country has re-elected President Barack Obama.

The situation reminds me of a comedy routine I would like to paraphrase. A liberal and a conservative were talking about the election. The liberal was boasting about how great the future was going to be under Obama. The conservative thought over the facts and came to this conclusion: Electing Obama to a second term is like the country getting a chance for a reprieve from the powers that be and then strapping itself into the electric chair.

Well, folks, as Obama loves to call us, I hope you will enjoy our "change" to larger government, more regulation, higher taxes for all, the demise of our medical care and the loss of our freedom. Let me say this before Obama puts out another executive order: God help us.

Terry E. Casey

Hilton Head Island