Fox News betrays intent with election predictions

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Fox News betrays intent with election predictions

Published Tuesday, November 13, 2012   |  217 Words  |  

The fact is that the pundits who work for Fox News, almost without exception, predicted a Mitt Romney win.

Other networks, almost without exception, were predicting a close race with an edge going to President Barack Obama. The facts reveal what has been obvious to any casual observer: Fox News employees and guests are directed and rehearsed in what to say by a management that is immersed in extreme right-wing ideology. Now, I'm not trying to change their opinions or reverse their editorial slanting of the news. I do warn the listeners to take heed and notice that what Fox calls "news" is really prejudiced opinion on a 24/7 schedule. What's wrong? It ain't news.

The other wrong: the hacking scandal. That it should not have happened is obvious. The glaring problem is with the path offered to try to correct the problem. We are offered one-year protection against identity theft. While following directions offered at the website, you are led to a sales pitch and a solicitation without an option as to how to decline their offer. In frustration, you close the screen. You find out later that you actually did something to result in one year's protection. What's wrong? Go figure.

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