Radical right does Republicans no favors

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Radical right does Republicans no favors

Published Sunday, November 11, 2012   |  267 Words  |  

I don't like losers who are unable to understand national politics. What plays well in South Carolina and gets people like Sen. Jim DeMint elected doesn't play well across America.

While Sen. Lindsey Graham attempts to work across the aisle for a better America, tea party snipers like Tom Davis attack him. Could Davis be planning to unseat a real American hero? Moderate Republican senators, such as Dick Lugar, are defeated by tea partiers in the primaries, only to lose to Democrats when all America votes. Single-handedly, the tea party forced Mitt Romney so far to the right he became unelectable, even though America deserved and wanted a new leader. In the last two years, the tea party caused senatorial defeats in enough states to prevent a Republican-controlled Senate.

Are Republicans ever going to give up on abortion? Wasn't that settled in 1973 by the Supreme Court? We are not forced to abort our children as the Chinese are. What about AK-47s, gays, immigrants, government employees, unions, teachers and people without jobs? Who is left to vote Republican? Seemingly, we just like AK-47s.

Until Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and other enablers of the radical right become much more pragmatic, we will see more polarization and fewer successful Republican candidates for statewide and national office.

On the other hand, if you are satisfied to control the House of Representatives, Republicans can continue with business as usual. If Republicans want to win national elections, they better change.

Jim Dove