America's best values defeated in election

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America's best values defeated in election

Published Sunday, November 11, 2012   |  219 Words  |  

Congratulations to the Democrats for winning the election. I hope they are prepared for the results they have guaranteed.

Freedom, liberty, individual responsibility and independence will be under assault as bigger and bigger government assumes control. Success will be measured by how much you receive from others, not by what the individual achieved in living his or her life. The "American way" is to be replaced by the "Gimme, Gimme way."

How did all this happen?

Strangely, it started with "the greatest generation," which saved Europe and the world in World War II. On returning home they wanted everything better for their children. They spoiled them and replaced hard work with easy living. Moral values were relaxed, acting honorably was scoffed at, and doing your own thing became the norm. The "sixties generation" was spawned and the results have become all too obvious.

Our country will only regain its revered place when it returns to values that made it great. Those values were defeated in this election, but hopefully when the new way is felt, the people will wake up. As one who lived through the Great Depression and World War II, I fervently pray they do.

Charles R. Van Anden

Dataw Island