Common humanity says we must help each other

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Common humanity says we must help each other

Published Monday, November 12, 2012   |  258 Words  |  

The election's behind us. Let's consider its message.

America is finally making a transition away from old myths and biases. Our country is becoming a blended society, with a more accepting view of personal freedoms concerning sex, marriage and race, as well as a connectivity with one another. It's a complex world and our future depends on cooperation, not rugged individualism. As we saw with the storm Sandy, the government and individuals can work together to avoid greater calamity.

Millions of years ago, man's ancestors climbed down from trees and walked on two legs. Today man is bigger, stronger, smarter and more creative, with unlimited potential. The difference in DNA between man and his closest relative, the chimpanzee, is less than 5 percent. Considering that common beginning, it's apparent we are part of a universal family.

Do we have any obligation to help our family when it is in need? Most of the needy are intelligent, creative and capable of making contributions to our society. Many major discoveries were made by people of humble beginnings. Yes, some take advantage of the system, but does that percentage justify dismantling the government's programs whose purpose is to save the value and potential of that group. Does our obligation end at our front door? What a waste of potential that could serve us all. This election demonstrated a consciousness of interdependence and a welcome departure from primitive thinking. "No man is an island."

Bob Faust

Hilton Head Island