Former Hollywood producer writes novel about Beaufort

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Former Hollywood producer writes novel about Beaufort

Published Friday, November 9, 2012   |  478 Words  |  

H. Haden Yelin spent 20 years writing and producing TV movies in Los Angeles. But she and her husband, Edward, wanted to get away from the big city. They found a quaint corner of the country called the Lowcountry.

Yelin, who lives in Port Royal now, has spent the past five years learning about the Beaufort area. And she just released a novel that takes place in Beauvoir, a fictional place based on Beaufort.

Written under the pseudonym, E.V. MacQuint, Yelin's book, "The Conjurer," tells the story of a boy named Jordan who struggles with the death of his mother and a father who suffers from depression.

"I've always been fascinated by stories of people overcoming hardship, stories of resilience and hope and faith," Yelin said. "I believe if you can cultivate faith and hope, you can actually make magic happen or what seems like magic at the time. It's not actually magic. It's the laws of the universe at work."

During her time in Hollywood, Yelin wrote and produced several TV movies, including: "See You in My Dreams" starring Aidan Quinn and Marcia Gay Harden, "For Love of Olivia" with Louis Gossett Jr. and "Forget Me Never" starring Mia Farrow and Martin Sheen.

Yelin and her husband, who was a producer at Capitol Records, decided they had had enough of Hollywood. They moved to Pawley's Island, where they lived with Yelin's sister for a couple of months. They planned to move to Savannah. But a funny thing happened on the way -- they found Beaufort.

"Because I had been in the movie and television business, we knew about Beaufort," Yelin said. "Friends of ours -- he was the prop master, and she was the script supervisor on 'The Big Chill' -- they met here. And they used to talk about it. So we decided as long as it was on the way, we'd stop and look at it. And we never took another step. We never got to Savannah. We just fell in love with it." Yelin said people who live in Beaufort should read "The Conjurer" because they will recognize a lot of the area.

"I call it Beauvoir only because Beaufort is so perfect, and I want to keep the secret," Yelin said. "I don't want everybody and his dog coming here."


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