Town plans would add to island's traffic woes

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Town plans would add to island's traffic woes

Published Friday, November 9, 2012   |  225 Words  |  

This is a rebuttal to Hilton Head Island Mayor Drew Laughlin's "Mayor's Note" in the "Our Town" Fall 2012 newsletter.

With traffic on U.S. 278 at a crawl, the town now wishes to improve the Coligny area by adding a University of South Carolina Beaufort building that would be open year-round.

Aren't there enough traffic jams in this area without vehicles driven by student and university employees clogging Pope Avenue? Add the vehicles driven by the day visitors these new improvements are expected to bring into the area, the vehicles driven by vacationers renting rooms in the area and the vehicles of hotel employees, and you can see traffic will be at a standstill.

Contributing to the island's traffic debacle will be the traffic drawn by the renovated Mall at Shelter Cove site.

As long as the town has plans that will stamp out the ambiance that Hilton Head's year-round residents have come to enjoy, perhaps it could build a fly-over starting at the Coligny circle area and extending to Moss Creek and beyond, with on and off ramps along the way.

Let's hope these grandiose plans don't turn out like the town's plan to allow only one trash hauler for all Hilton Head residents.

George Breslaw

Hilton Head Island