Can Congress break dysfunctional pattern?

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Can Congress break dysfunctional pattern?

Published Friday, November 9, 2012   |  219 Words  |  

As I awoke on the morning following Election Day, I had an epiphany.

We are going forward with the same president, the same dysfunctional and fragmented Congress and the same set of domestic problems. Those problems have been the subject of altogether too much gaseous blather from both sides these past few months.

That same morning, our little dog awoke. In an absolutely predictable process, he gobbled down his dog food, then took his usual morning walk, wherein he repeatedly marked his territory and left an offering for the plastic bag.

I observed that this predictability is totally appropriate for his limited doggie world. I fear that our Congress will likewise continue an absolutely predictable process, typified by partisan warfare with no motivation to solve the threats posed by the fiscal cliff, the mounting debt and the stubborn unemployment problem.

Is there any hope that this useless cycle will break, and our government's legislative branch will come together for the good of the people?

And yes, the comparison to the daily canine process I see every day at home is perhaps a bit crude, but painfully appropriate. I pray for better but fear the worst.

Joseph E. Levy

Hilton Head Island