Three tied for lead in season-opening eGolf event on Hilton Head Island

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Three tied for lead in season-opening eGolf event on Hilton Head Island

From staff reports
Published Friday, February 15, 2013   |  2071 Words  |  

Wes Roach, Taylor Floyd and Thomas Curtis shot matching rounds of 6-under 66 to grab a share of the 18-hole lead Thursday at the eGolf Tour's fourth annual Palmetto Hall Championship at Palmetto Hall Plantation on Hilton Head Island.

Soft conditions from heavy rains early in the week allowed for scoring to reach a lower-than-normal level during Thursday's opening round.

The Palmetto Hall Championship is the first of 24 scheduled events on the 2013 eGolf Tour schedule and is being contested this week on both the Robert Cupp and Arthur Hills courses.

Roach felt a bit rusty heading into the week at Palmetto Hall after playing a mini-tour event in Florida just two weeks ago.

"I didn't really know what to expect since I didn't play too well down there," said Roach, 24.

Starting his week on the narrow Hills Course at Palmetto Hall, Roach opened in ideal fashion with early birdies on Nos. 1, 3 and 5 to quickly vault to 3-under par through five holes of play.

"I got off to a good start with a birdie on the first hole, so that kind of eased me into the day," said Roach. "After that, I hit a lot of solid tee shots and had good iron play -- it was relatively stress-free."

Floyd, a member of Augusta State's back-to-back NCAA Championship teams in 2010 and 2011, is making just his second career eGolf Tour start.

In the opening round at Palmetto Hall, the Macon, Ga., native birdied Nos. 11, 15, 16 and 18 to turn at 4-under 32 on the Cupp Course, after starting his day on the closing nine. Two shots off of Roach's early-morning lead through just nine holes, Floyd remained at 4-under after erasing a birdie at the par-4 third with a bogey at the par-3 fourth. From there, he finished with birdies on Nos. 6 and 8, as well as a par on No. 9, for his 6-under par effort to grab a share of the lead.

"The wetness made the golf course play wider, and I got a few lucky breaks off the tee because of that," said Floyd, 23. "Outside of a long birdie on 18, most of my shots were pretty close to the hole, to be honest. I hit a lot of good irons on the day."

Curtis, a native of Yorkshire, England, had the day's low nine-hole tally on the Cupp Course. After posting a birdie at the par-4 13th and eight additional pars on his opening nine, Curtis erupted on the course's front nine (his back), notching birdies on Nos. 1, 2, 4 and 5 to reach 5-under on the day, then closing with one more birdie at the tough par-4 ninth for a 5-under 31.

Matt Hendrix (Clemson), Drew Weaver, Chris Naegel, Bobby MacWhinnie and Jake Scott are tied for fourth, two shots behind the trio of co-leaders after matching rounds of 4-under 68.

Hilton Head Island's Chris Epperson is tied for ninth after a 3-under 69.

Second-round play in the Palmetto Hall Championship will begin at 8 a.m. Friday morning on both the Cupp and Hills courses. The tournament is open to the public and free of charge.


Thursday's scores, at Palmetto Hall Plantation Club; Robert Cupp Course (RC) and Arthur Hills Course (AH); a-amateur

First round

Wes Roach (AH) 66

Taylor Floyd (RC) 66

Thomas Curtis (RC) 66

Matt Hendrix (AH) 68

Drew Weaver (RC) 68

Chris Naegel (AH) 68

Bobby MacWhinnie (AH) 68

Jake Scott (AH) 68

Chris Epperson (AH) 69

Paul Brown (RC) 69

Joey McLister (AH) 69

Jon Kennedy (RC) 69

Olafur Loftsson (AH) 69

Joshua Brock (RC) 69

Robbie Greenwell (AH) 69

a-Andrew Jacobson (AH) 69

David May (RC) 70

Jonathan Cox (AH) 70

Conrad Shindler (RC) 70

T.J. Howe (AH) 70

David Erdy (AH) 70

Paul Ferrier (AH) 70

Daniel Woltman (AH) 70

Matt Eschenburg (RC) 70

Fergal Rafferty (RC) 70

Jesse Smith (RC) 70

Derek Rende (AH) 70

Gregg LaVoie (RC) 70

Timothy Madigan (RC) 71

Kyle Bradley (AH) 71

Frank Adams III (RC) 71

Clark Klaasen (AH) 71

Chris Baker (RC) 71

Ryan Gildersleeve (RC) 71

Nick Bova (RC) 71

Peter Malnati (AH) 71

Travis Ross (RC) 71

David Robinson (RC) 71

Jake Amos (AH) 71

Jack Fields (AH) 71

George Bryan IV (RC) 71

Chris Gallagher (AH) 71

Luke Hart (AH) 71

Charlie Winegardner (AH) 72

Jonathan Fricke (AH) 72

Will Collins (RC) 72

Will Golden (AH) 72

Brad Benjamin (AH) 72

Colin Biles (RC) 72

Rafael Campos (AH) 72

James White (AH) 72

Birgir Hafthorsson (AH) 72

Christian Brand (AH) 72

Rob Bennett (AH) 72

Lee Heaton (RC) 72

Eric Dugas (AH) 72

Jake Johnson (AH) 72

Kyle Wittenbach (AH) 72

Cam Burke (RC) 72

Daniel Zimmerman (RC) 72

Martin Jeppesen (RC) 72

Kevin McLister (AH) 72

Fielding Brewbaker (AH) 72

Mitchell Krywulycz (RC) 72

Adam Lescalleet (AH) 72

Brett Munson (RC) 72

Ben Lee (RC) 72

Travis Stewart (RC) 72

Bruce Woodall (RC) 72

Nathan Sutherland (AH) 72

Jeff Sorenson (RC) 73

Seamus Power (AH) 73

Tadd Fujikawa (AH) 73

Lanto Griffin (RC) 73

Brent Delahoussaye (RC) 73

Thomas Smith (RC) 73

Kyle Peterman (RC) 73

Paul Woodbury (RC) 73

Cole Claassen (RC) 73

Jacob Burger (RC) 73

Greg Doherty (AH) 73

Tyler Dice (AH) 73

Matthew Ryan (RC) 73

Chris DeForest (RC) 73

Michael Wade (AH) 73

Garland Green (RC) 73

Connor Arendell (RC) 73

Cory Schneider (AH) 73

Tanner Ervin (RC) 73

Charlie Gross (AH) 73

Damian Telles (AH) 73

Matt Hill (RC) 73

Ryan Sullivan (AH) 74

Chip Lynn (AH) 74

Chris McCartin (RC) 74

MacKenzie Hughes (RC) 74

Clifford Blanquicet (RC) 74

Jarred Bossio (RC) 74

Chris Olson (AH) 74

a-Woody Woodward (AH) 74

Adam Hart (RC) 74

Brad Miller (RC) 74

Shawn Jasper (AH) 74

Brad Arrington (AH) 74

Vaita Guillaume (AH) 74

Trey Harris (RC) 74

Adam Stephenson (RC) 74

J.R. Warthen (AH) 74

Preston Dembowiak (AH) 74

Luke McClellan (AH) 75

Harold Varner (RC) 75

Jordan Russell (RC) 75

Trevor Bowman (RC) 75

Thomas Buran (RC) 75

Dustin Bray (RC) 75

Barrett Kelpin (RC) 75

Raphael Marguery (AH) 75

Andy Bare (RC) 75

Adam Mitchell (AH) 75

Tommy McDonagh (AH) 75

Chris Johnson (RC) 75

Christian Koenig (AH) 75

Alex Boyd (AH) 75

Owen Blackshear (RC) 75

Eric Shriver (AH) 76

Michael Carbone (AH) 76

Amory Davis (RC) 76

a-Mickey Werenski (RC) 76

a-Cedomir Ilic (AH) 76

Matt Schall (RC) 76

Walter Harris (AH) 76

Stefan Wiedergruen (RC) 77

Joel Hendry (RC) 77

Ricky McDonald (RC) 77

Wills Smith (AH) 77

Andrew Gai (AH) 77

Bret Carroll (AH) 77

Alex Macaluso (AH) 77

Mike Furci (AH) 77

Nathan Stamey (AH) 78

Kento Mizumaki (AH) 78

Wes Worster (RC) 78

Jonas Enander Hedin (RC) 78

Tripp McAllister (RC) 78

Henry Zaytoun (RC) 78

Robbie Biershenk (RC) 78

Matt Geslin (RC) 78

Nikolai Kovalevskiy (RC) 78

Dustin Groves (RC) 80

Ryan Nelson (RC) 80

Ryan Terdik (RC) 80

Brandon Cobb (RC) 80

a-Christopher Magi (AH) 80

Tripp Bragg (AH) 80

Jay McLuen (AH) 80

Marc Cohen (AH) 80

Joshua DeWees (RC) 81

Matthew Lawrence (AH) 81

Preston Flick (AH) 81

Tom Murtagh (RC) 82

Tommy Biershenk (AH) 83

Bryden Macpherson (AH) 83

Trevor Sahn (RC) 85

Ryan O'Donnell (AH) 86

Michael Foy (RC) 86

Jerome Ponniah (RC) 87

David Hilgers (RC) 88

Robert Chambers (AH) 88

Round 2 tee times

(a -- amateur)


Arthur Hills Course

No. 1

8a.m.: Matt Schall, Daniel Zimmerman, Joshua Brock

8:10 a.m.: Adam Hart, Martin Jeppesen, Brad Miller

8:20 a.m.: Fergal Rafferty, Tripp McAllister, Taylor Floyd

8:30 a.m.: Thomas Curtis, Henry Zaytoun, Chris Johnson

8:40 a.m.: Ben Lee, Robbie Biershenk, Tanner Ervin

8:50 a.m.: Trey Harris, Michael Foy, Tom Murtagh

9 a.m.: Matt Geslin, Nikolai Kovalevskiy, Jeff Sorenson

12 p.m.: Frank Adams III, Stefan Wiedergruen, Dustin Groves

12:10 p.m.: Harold Varner, Jordan Russell, Chris Baker

12:20 p.m.: Lanto Griffin, Paul Brown, Ryan Nelson

12:30 p.m.: Trevor Bowman, Thomas Buran, Dustin Bray

12:40 p.m.: Ryan Terdik, Jon Kennedy, Brandon Cobb

12:50 p.m.: Jerome Ponniah, Cole Claassen, Clifford Blanquicet

1 p.m.: Wes Worster, David Hilgers, Trevor Sahn

No. 10

8 a.m.: Drew Weaver, Cam Burke, Travis Ross

8:10 a.m.: Andy Bare, Clint Jensen, David Robinson

8:20 a.m.: George Bryan IV, Matt Eschenburg, Jonas Enander Hedin

8:30 a.m.: Matthew Ryan, Chris DeForest, Mitchell Krywulycz

8:40 a.m.: Garland Green, Connor Arendell, Brett Munson

8:50 a.m.: Jesse Smith, Travis Stewart, Bruce Woodall

9 a.m.: Gregg LaVoie, Adam Stephenson, Owen Blackshear

12 p.m.: Timothy Madigan, Matt Hill

12:10 p.m.: Chris McCartin, David May, Will Collins

12:20 p.m.: Joel Hendry, Conrad Shindler, Colin Biles

12:30 p.m.: Brent Delahoussaye, Ryan Gildersleeve, MacKenzie Hughes

12:40 p.m.: Thomas Smith, Nick Bova, Barrett Kelpin

12:50 p.m.: Kyle Peterman, Lee Heaton, Paul Woodbury

1 p.m.: Joshua DeWees, Jarred Bossio, Jacob Burger

1:10 p.m.: Ricky McDonald, Amory Davis, (a) Mickey Werenski

Robert Cupp Course

No. 1

8 a.m.: Tyler Dice, Jake Amos, Daniel Woltman

8:10 a.m.: Wills Smith, Fielding Brewbaker, Ryan O'Donnell

8:20 a.m.: Adam Lescalleet, Shawn Jasper, Bobby MacWhinnie

8:30 a.m.: Tommy McDonagh, Bret Carroll, Jake Scott

8:40 a.m.: Vaita Guillaume, David Chung, Cory Schneider

8:50 a.m.: Walter Harris, Alex Macaluso, Preston Dembowiak

9 a.m.: Derek Rende, (a) Andrew Jacobson, Alex Boyd

12 p.m.: Tommy Biershenk, Charlie Winegardner, Seamus Power

12:10 p.m.: Matt Hendrix, Will Golden, Brad Benjamin

12:20 p.m.: Joey McLister, Rafael Campos, Nathan Stamey

12:30 p.m.: Olafur Loftsson, Birgir Hafthorsson, Peter Malnati

12:40 p.m.: Greg Doherty, Eric Dugas, Jake Johnson

12:50 p.m.: David Erdy, Matthew Lawrence, (a) Christopher Magi

1 p.m.: Paul Ferrier, Tripp Bragg, (a) Cedomir Ilic

No. 10

8 a.m.: Kevin McLister, Bryden Macpherson, Chris Naegel

8:10 a.m.: Jay McLuen, Adam Mitchell, Jack Fields

8:20 a.m.: Robbie Greenwell, Michael Wade, Marc Cohen

8:30 a.m.: Brad Arrington, Andrew Gai, Chris Gallagher

8:40 a.m.: Christian Koenig, Nathan Sutherland, Luke Hart

8:50 a.m.: Robert Chambers, J.R. Warthen, Charlie Gross

9 a.m.: Preston Flick, Damian Telles, Mike Furci

12 p.m.: Kyle Bradley, Eric Shriver, Ryan Sullivan

12:10 p.m.: Jonathan Fricke, Chip Lynn, Wes Roach

12:20 p.m.: Clark Klaasen, Jonathan Cox, Luke McClellan

12:30 p.m.: Tadd Fujikawa, James White, Chris Epperson

12:40 p.m.: Christian Brand, Rob Bennett, T.J. Howe

12:50 p.m.: Kento Mizumaki, Michael Carbone, Raphael Marguery

1 p.m.: Kyle Wittenbach, Chris Olson, (a) Woody Woodward