Safety, traffic flow should take precedence

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Safety, traffic flow should take precedence

Published Monday, July 9, 2012   |  159 Words  |  

Does the city of Beaufort actually want to destroy the center turn lane in its Boundary Street improvement plan?

The construction would extend from Neil Road to Ribaut Road. A median, probably with trees, landscaping and limited access, would be recommended by the "urban traffic experts," who would then promptly leave town. I bet bilateral bike lanes are in the mix as well.

I beg the town leaders to consider the havoc, maintenance expense and just plain stress a decision like this would cause on a 36,000-vehicle count highway.

This lane is constantly used to merge safely, slow down and get out of the way of traffic while waiting to patronize one of the many, many businesses along this road.

Beaufort officials, please do not make the lives of drivers harder and more dangerous in the name of progress.

C. Allen Henry