Defense cuts part of necessary reform

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Defense cuts part of necessary reform

Published Wednesday, June 27, 2012   |  145 Words  |  

A retired Air Force general, now a consultant for Lockheed Martin, editorializes on the dangers of defense cuts ("Protecting America in future calls for caution, common sense," June 22).

What's wrong with this picture?

Maybe Lockheed Martin would be more accountable for the massive cost overruns on the F-35 if it did not have retired generals speaking on its behalf.

I say bring on sequestration. Out-of-control government spending has to stop. Both Democrats and Republicans are equally guilty. Obamacare, two wars, No Child Left Behind, prescription drug benefits for seniors and the Bush tax cuts is fiscal madness.

Our future economic demise due to unsustainable deficit government spending is the biggest threat to national security. Cuts in defense spending are only a threat to the profits of Lockheed Martin.

James Foley