KEEPING TIME: The Groovetones [VIDEO]

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KEEPING TIME: The Groovetones [VIDEO]

Published Wednesday, May 9, 2012   |  226 Words  |  

Band: The Groovetones

Members: Tony Reyes, bass and vocals; Bill Luebke, guitar; Tommy Beaumont, keyboard; Greg Gresham, drums

Style: Rockin' Blues

Influences: Stevie Ray Vaughn, Eric Clapton, BB King, Los Lobos

Upcoming gigs: Street Music on Paris Avenue on May 12; AM Vets in Port Royal on May 19; Jock's in Bluffton on May 19; XO Lounge on May 24 and 25, Station 300 in Bluffton May 26

The Story: The band came together after decades of musical experience. Gresham and Luebke played in the Southern rock outfit Hooker that shared the stage with the likes of the Allman Brothers and .38 Special. Reyes came from Providence, R.I, to the Lowcountry about 16 years ago and started playing in bands. The trio started the Groovetones about three years ago. Last year they added Beaumont, a veteran of the Hilton Head Island circuit, on keyboards. They have originals, but mostly play covers, specializing in little-known hits in the blues-rock genere. They seek out catchy tunes that haven't been overplayed. "We might do an obscure Led Zeppelin song, but we'll do it our way," Reyes said. "People will come up to us and say, 'Hey, is that one of your songs?' But it'll really be a cover we've made our own."