Five Minutes With: Artist Vickie Jourdan

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Five Minutes With: Artist Vickie Jourdan

Published Friday, March 30, 2012   |  408 Words  |  

Vickie Jourdan has been seeing red lately -- but that's a good thing.

"For the Love of Red" will feature abstract work from the Hilton Head Island artist at the Art League of Hilton Head gallery throughout April.

Jourdan, who recently won a third-place award at the Beaufort Art Association Spring Show, explains her fascination with the color.

Question. Why red?

Answer. I had a show at the Art League, and my signature painting was called "For the Love of Red." It sold even before the show opened. I felt that was a bit of good luck. I thought that I'd title this show "For the Love of Red" and see what happens.

Q. So it's all red?

A. There will be about 20 paintings in the show, most of them predominately featuring red.

Q. What is it about the color?

A. One of my favorite colors is red. I like to wear red because I think it's an exciting color. It can really grab people's attention. I used to be an interior designer. I think every room should have a touch of red. It makes decor pop. It's just a bright, happy color.

Q. When did you start painting?

A. We moved down here about 13 years ago, and I got involved almost right away with the Art League and the Society of Bluffton Artists. It was always in the back of my mind once we moved that I wanted to get involved in it. I just didn't have time before, having raised a family and working professionally.

Q. Why abstract?

A. I tried oil painting, pastel, watercolor. I took a couple workshops that did abstract collage, incorporating acrylic paints. I came back to that because it's about color and composition. It's very challenging creating something from nothing. I think even more so than creating a landscape or a still life. I think abstract really piques people's interest. They really have to think about it.

Q. Are you sick of red?

A. I always like red. Even when I do neutral color painting, I include a touch of red. I can't get away from it.