Bluffton Council names top 13 goals

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Bluffton Council names top 13 goals

Published Wednesday, March 21, 2012   |  575 Words  |  

Bluffton Town Council ended its annual retreat Wednesday by voting to focus on 13 priorities next year.

The goals, which aren't ranked by priority, include:

  • Economic development policy: Draft a document defining the town's vision for the kinds of businesses it wants to bring to the area, and for landing them.
  • Branding and marketing: Develop a recognizable brand for the area through better signs and public relations.
  • Buck Island and Simmonsville septic repair: Repair or replace faulty septic systems. The systems are a significant cause of pollution in the May River.
  • Stoney Creek wetland restoration: Clean up about 4,900 acres of the river's watershed, part of which is on Beaufort County land. Work with the county to fund the $500,000 project.
  • New Riverside stormwater: Clean the watershed south of May River Road and west of Old Palmetto Bluff Road using $466,000 budgeted in the 2013 fiscal year.

  • Hampton Lake Lagoon: Modify lagoons in 2,500 acres around Hampton Lakes, another element in the May River clean-up project.
  • Public information officer: Hire a person to handle town news and answer questions from the public.
  • Welcome center changes: Find a new location or revamp the existing center -- the Heyward House on 70 Boundary St. Council believes it's too hard for newcomers to find.
  • Bluffton Parkway extension: Reopen talks with the county about moving a proposed intersection of the Bluffton and Buckwalter parkways 400 feet north. Council said moving the intersection would be a better use of land and would honor an agreement with a developer.
  • Don Ryan Center for Innovation: Work with Clemson University and CareCore National to open the Don Ryan Center for Innovation, a business incubator.
  • Road maintenance: Explore the possibility of maintaining several "ghost roads" in old town whose ownership is not known. Maintaining some of the roads would provide more public access to the May River.
  • Town hall plan: Begin planning for moving town hall to the center of old town, as recommended in the 2006 Old Town Master Plan.
  • Hampton Parkway: Work with the county to alleviate safety concerns about the parkway's loss of a turn lane.
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