OCR approves Shell Point closure, fifth-grade move to Robert Smalls

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OCR approves Shell Point closure, fifth-grade move to Robert Smalls

Published Tuesday, February 7, 2012   |  612 Words  |  

The decision to close Shell Point Elementary School is now final.

The federal Office for Civil Rights approved the closure in a letter Monday. Several other Beaufort County Board of Education decisions related to student attendance areas, including the shift of fifth-graders to Robert Smalls Middle School next year, were also approved.

Shell Point parents had long opposed the Aug. 12 decision to shutter their school. Cathy Emmert, who has two children at the school, said OCR's ruling represented parents' "last hope" for saving Shell Point.

"It's still like an open wound," she said. "You won't really feel the full effects until the last day of this school year and the first day of school next year."

Emmert said Shell Point parents had contacted OCR a few weeks ago and asked the office to consider their concerns.

In their letter to OCR, parents worried that reassigning students to the Whale Branch cluster and shuffling students among schools within the Battery Creek cluster was negatively impacting the racial balance of Battery Creek cluster schools.

Emmert said they had not heard back from OCR.

Parents met at Shell Point Elementary Jan. 30 to discuss where their children would attend school next year. Most of the students are slated to attend Broad River Elementary.

OCR also approved:

  • reassigning students from the Mink Point Boulevard neighborhoods to Beaufort Elementary for grades pre-kindergarten through four, Robert Smalls Middle School for grades five through eight and Battery Creek High School for grades nine through twelve, effective next school year.
  • reassigning students from the Laurel Bay area to Whale Branch Elementary and Middle schools, effective next school year
  • reassigning students in the Rose Hill neighborhood from Okatie Elementary to Bluffton Elementary, effective in the 2013-14 school year
  • reassigning students in the Old Carolina neighborhood and students who live off Buck Island Road south of Bluffton Parkway from Red Cedar Elementary to Bluffton Elementary, effective 2013-14
  • the transition of Bluffton and H.E. McCracken Middle schools to grades six through eight, likely effective in 2013-14
  • In its letter, OCR said the decisions were consistent with the district's 40-year-old voluntary desegregation plan.

    Under that plan, the percentage of white and black students in each school must approximate the districtwide percentage.

    If the district does not comply with the plan, annual federal funding totaling about $24 million could be withheld, according to a district news release.

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