Two arrested in car break-ins in Beaufort

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Two arrested in car break-ins in Beaufort

Published Monday, January 30, 2012   |  146 Words  |  

Two arrests have been made in a string of car break-ins around downtown Beaufort, police Chief Matt Clancy said Monday. Police continue to investigate possible accomplices.

The group is suspected of breaking into eight vehicles, most of which were unlocked, in pursuit of money to buy drugs, Clancy said. One woman was arrested Wednesday for cashing a fake check. A man whose vehicle had been spotted in surveillance video was arrested Saturday, he added.

Most of the crimes occurred on or near Boundary Street during the past few weeks, and the Beaufort Police Department issued a news release reminding residents to remove valuables from their vehicles and lock them.

These arrests mark the second set of charges made in connection with recent break-ins. Three people were arrested several weeks ago for allegedly breaking into vehicles around Southside Boulevard.