Burton post office delivers to the North Pole

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Burton post office delivers to the North Pole

Published Monday, December 26, 2011   |  334 Words  |  

With toys having magically appeared this morning under many Christmas trees, it is a wonder just how Santa received all those requests from little boys and girls.

A little-known secret has been uncovered: Elves at the Burton Post Office, headed by Jean Engle, made sure the children's letters arrived at the North Pole safe and sound.

Letters started coming in this summer, much earlier than usual, from England and Texas. On June 1, a letter came in and another in September, requesting to be Santa's pen pal and asking him to get a jump-start on Christmas.

One child asked the "Dear Male Man" to make sure Santa got his list.

Addressed to the "Santa Claws" at "1 Reindeer Lane, North Pole," some sophisticated Santa followers used computer printouts, others sent catalogs and department store fliers on which they circled the items they wanted with their names signed at the bottom.

A letter written in pink and yellow markers requested a new kitchen, a cake, a cell phone and a mermaid "Barby."

A little girl named Jasmine drew a picture of Rudolph with someone petting his red nose and snow falling in the background.

Willow, Lily and Ayla promised they had "been very good," while reminding Santa that they have helped their mom with housework and played nice with their friends. In exchange, they were hoping for an American Doll and a puppy.

Another child, Michael, said he was, "trying to be a good role model for his brother."

Judging from the letters, some gifts that likely ended up under area Christmas trees this morning are Justin Bieber items, Sponge Bob dolls, Leap Frog computer programs, scooters, My Little Pony figures, Easy Bake Ovens, skates, Barbies and baby dolls.

One little boy simply asked Santa to "help make my Mama happy."

Another requested that Santa bring his "Mama a house and some clothes."