Beaufort McDonald's demolished

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Beaufort McDonald's demolished

Published Wednesday, November 30, 2011   |  454 Words  |  

A total rebuild is on order for the McDonald's restaurant near the intersection of Boundary Street and Robert Smalls Parkway in Beaufort, so the building there now will be demolished this week.

The new design will fit with the city of Beaufort's proposed Boundary Street redevelopment plan.

"It's going to be a fantastic looking building, and we are very excited about it and to be part of this new development that is going to be taking place along the Boundary Street corridor," franchise owner John McCoy said.

The work to take down the old building started and should be completed this week. The new building is expected to open by April, McDonald's spokeswoman Susan Stimson said.

The originally planned remodel was to be completed early in 2012, so reconstruction means the restaurant will reopen later than first expected. The new building should be worth the wait, McCoy said.

The building will be in the company's newest design, called "Arcade," and include several seating options, Wi-Fi and flat-screened TVs, according to a news release. The roof will have a more modern look than the old building and a side-by-side drive-through for faster service, according to a news release.

City planning director Libby Anderson said the new building will meet the standards of the Boundary Street Redevelopment District Ordinance and will stand at the new intersection of the roads. McCoy said he worked with the city to ensure the new design conforms.

Robert Smalls Parkway is to be rerouted so it meets Boundary Street at about a 90-degree angle, instead of at a slant. A renovation and redesign of the building was previously planned, but designs were updated this fall to better work with the city's plans.

Extensive remodeling began in August but halted mid fall so city permits and inspections could be obtained. Anderson's office worked to get to get construction and inspections back on track. In October, she said construction got ahead of the city's permit and inspection process.

"It's not necessarily part of the Boundary Street project but we know they are revitalizing the area and we want our restaurant to have the same look and fit in with the community," Stimson said.

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